RBM was founded almost seventy years ago in the area of Brescia, known for centuries for its metallurgy and fine mechanics. It counts four production plants in Italy, five subsidiaries in Europe and the United States, and more than 250 employees worldwide. Currently, through the expertise gained over the generations, the company has limited outsourcing, thus guaranteeing its customers maximum quality control. As a result of constant research, the excellence achieved in its field of activity and the large number of proprietary patents, the range of RBM products is constantly expanding, often ahead of the needs of users, designers and installers.


RBM MORE came into being as a direct results of processes of research and development in order to offer the best wellbeing solution, made up of innovative and inimitable systems: it proposes the first integrated system for climate management and control in domestic and working environments and in collective spaces such as hotels, hospitals, residences for the elderly. 

RBM MORE consists of a set of systems for the design, installation and management of simple, rational, energy-efficient climate systems, compatible with generation systems from renewable sources. It represents the key to the design and construction of modern architectural spaces, respectful of the environment, energy efficient and that guarantee the highest comfort to the people who live in or occupy them, with reduced maintenance requirements and greater operating safety.

This operating unit employs a team of engineers and specialists who, through their experience and expertise, can work alongside architects and technical designers to identify the most effective solution for each space, both in terms of energy and cost, and to contribute to the proper management of the system once it has been installed.


RBM MORE – RBM SPA  Via S. Giuseppe, 1  25075 Nave (BS) Italy T. +39 0302537211  P.IVA 00551250988  [email protected]